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September 21, 2019 2 min read

Has your little one suffered with colic or reflux?
If so, how did you and your babe cope through it all?

Here is how my experience with it was..

Coping with a colicky baby can be very rough on the whole family.
I experienced my colicky, reflux baby all alone. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed almost every moment with him but if you have never experienced colic, just understand that it does something to you. It breaks you. It hurts you. It takes away those first, quick and precious months from you.

He would cry every afternoon and the same time EVERYDAY for hours. A blood curdling cry and I felt helpless. I still remember as if it was yesterday and he is now nearly 3. I was constantly seeking advice from other parents, older peers, doctors and of course my mother and grandmother. I had tried almost everything to help relieve my little man from this horrible pain.

I wanted to fix him, and I was determined to do so.
But the crying lasted for months. He would spill after feeds as most babies do after bringing their wind up. But this would happen long after a feed, it would make it’s his way up his little tummy and come out with projectile force... EVERYWHERE.

It got to the point where I begged to be referred to an ENT specialist. We had an appointment a few weeks later were they put a small tube with a camera on the end right up his nose and down the back of his throat. I found out he then had something called Laryngamalacia (which I’ll talk about another time )
It is a syndrome where the voice box wasn’t formed properly and is soft and weak causing his reflux and drinking fluids more complicated. Babies are supposedly meant to grow out of this syndrome.

Back to the topic, I decided to do a whole stack of research and tried so many ways on how to help my baby (and I of course) cope with these horrible belts of pain. I was burping him from anywhere between 30minutes to an hour. A whole hour seems like a long time but its so worth it knowing my baby would be a little less uncomfortable.

I also tried lactose free which I found personally helped the most. This new diet and a charcoal concoction called Rhuger. The Rhuger only helped for a short amount of time so it was back to the ENT Specialist whom then prescribed my son a drug called omeprazole (Losec). This lowered the acidity production in the stomach and helped reduce refluxing too. I still keep it in my cupboard today even though he has grown out of the reflux and colic.

He is now a bright, tantrum throwing, full on little boy. With all that said I hope my experience can help you little to understand that you are not alone! Almost every baby/parent will experience this horrible condition but on the bright side, it does not last forever!

Be patient, do your research and consult in your GP. Parenting wasn’t meant to be easy and still to this day I remind myself constantly. – We are only human!