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Floral Fashion Boot

We recomend ordering a slightly larger size.
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Our Floral Fashion Boot is designed to look rugged with a hint of sweetness for all those tomboys out there. Made with a durable wear resistant rubber sole.

Rubber, PU & Cotton

Size Chart

 US Insole (cm) Heel To Toe (cm)
6 12.8 11.8
6.5 13.3 12.3
7 13.8 12.8
8 14.3 13.3
9 14.8 13.8
9.5 15.5 14.5
10 16.2 15.2
11 16.7 15.7
11.5 17.3 16.3
12 17.8 16.8

for example: A child with a 11.8cm Heel to toe length, will generally be a size 6US and will have approximately 1cm room in front of toe. For children with naturally wider feet, we recommend getting one size up.


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